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Hi there!

Welcome to the side of the internet where we learn to love our bodies and lives through movement, food, and community. 

"Tia has been an amazing part of my health journey. She has helped me to understand food, the best way to still enjoy my food while giving me options that would be more beneficial to my health issues.

She is a warm, gentle person who believes in you and your goals, and she is willing to help you achieve them. She checks on me regularly to see how I am doing or if I have fallen off and then she gives me

suggestions on how to get back on track.

Tia has a gift/talent that will help anyone, no matter how high or hard your goals may be. I thought I was a lost cause, but she has helped me see nutrition/health in a totally different way, and I have been to at least 3 nutritionists who did nothing to help me with my health journey.

Thank you Tia, for everything you have done for me."

Felisha A. 

Alexa Young, CA

I'm Tia DeVincenzo

And I got tired of feeling like sh!t.

Between growing up a trained dancer and being born into a large Italian family, I had two constants in my life... movement and food. They didn't always work together, in fact most days the battle was brutal in my head. I developed a high anxiety around food which lead to years of eating disorders. Dance took me around the world, and has given me a love of beautiful movement, incredible memories, and... debilitating injuries. The type that could have been prevented if I understood my body better and how to nourish it properly. I don't regret any of it though, because it lead me here... quoting John Lennon. 

"If I can make one person a day smile, then I am happy"


.... or something like that. If I can make one person change their lifestyle to live a happier life, then I have succeeded. I work with people who want to work towards being the best human they know they are capable of. I help the woman who has tried all the things, and still doesn't feel their best because they just don't have the right toolbox. I help you understand your body is here to work FOR you, not against you. We just have to respect our bodies and nourish them with beautiful meals and the right moves to keep it going. 

If I have intrigued you, check out what I have to offer! 

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