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Who am I? 

I have been immersed in the movement industry my entire life. Growing up I began training as a dancer from the ripe age of two. The art form took me to James Madison University in Virginia where I obtained a BA in Dance and performed in a traveling pre-professional dance company. While dance was my life for many years, I experienced multiple injuries from over-exertion and ill-trained teachers. I decided one anatomy class in college, although an incredible introduction, was not going to save my body from years of damage.


In 2017 I enrolled in the Yandara Yoga Institute and received my 200 HR registered yoga teacher training certification with a strong emphasis on anatomy. In 2021, I worked under some of Europe’s most knowledgeable movement specialists for two years, and obtained my MFA in Choreography from University of Roehampton in London, UK. In 2022, I completed a 60 HR applied neurology and creative sequencing course under Celest Pereira and Adell Bridges. In this course, they heavily focused on neuro-biomechanics developed by Dr. Eric Cobb of Z-Health. This training taught me how to focus on an individual’s history and physical traumas to harness the power of the nervous system and improve functionality in movement. I then proceeded to assist Bridges and Pereira in another training with this curriculum, bringing her to a total of 280 HRs RYT. Throughout the years, I have accumulated over 2000 teaching hours and am currently studying with the Primal Health Coach Institute, working towards my NBC-HWC.


While I love working with the general public, I now also work with first responders, incorporating mobility training and breath work into the curriculum of recruit police academies. I enjoy working with a variety of individuals because it constantly gives me an opportunity to learn something new! And quickly realize we are all just trying our best to feel the best. So let me help you navigate this beautifully crazy thing we call life. 

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